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Sweet Pea and Spuds's Story

Sweet Pea and Spuds beat the odds and escaped a production farm. A concerned citizen living in the Santa Cruz mountains of Watsonville, CA, called animal control to report that two piglets had been running loose on her road for a week. Luckily, the animal control officer who responded was a former Farm Sanctuary intern with several years of farm animal experience. The friendly piglets were brought to the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter, where they were given a warm bed of straw to sleep on and lots of belly rubs from staff and volunteers.

The notches on their ears tell the story of the short, but harsh life a factory farm animal lives. Fortunately for Sweet Pea and Spuds, they found their way to Sweet Farm where they will live out their lives safe from the threat of slaughter. They now spend their time rooting around the pastures until their hearts are content.Every sponsorship comes with the following:

  • Sponsorship Certificate
  • Recognition in our yearly Sweet Farm roundup
  • The warm and fuzzy feeling that you're making the world a better place for farmed animals!