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Magnolia's Story

Magnolia came to us from a local cattle rancher. Born an angus limousin cross, her fate would have been to be raised and sold for beef. However, the rancher noticed this little calf was limping, severely underweight, and not being given milk by her mother. Luckily for Magnolia, the rancher was familiar with Sweet Farm and brought her to us to provide her sanctuary.

Staff immediately jumped into action, providing her with the love and necessary life-saving medical care she needed to survive. After receiving around the clock care and months of treatment, she is now a thriving calf. She is free to grow and be herself without fear of becoming a part of the meat industry.

She is spunky and, sometimes, sassy. She's often seen tagging along with Argyle, a Jersey steer, who she now affectionately considers her big brother. Together, they call Sweet Farm home.

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