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Sturgis's Story

During the height of the 2016 storm season Sweet Farm received a frantic call about a 32-year-old stallion stuck in the mud at a nearby coast side residence. Having a muddy and dangerous pasture was only one of Sturgis's misfortunes, but it proved to be the one that prompted the owner to decide to euthanize him. He had an antibiotic resistant skin infection resulting in almost 80% hair loss along with chronic diarrhea from a GI tract problem. Sturgis was underweight and his teeth needed attention. A stallion is hard to re-home. He can't be kept with mares and often too difficult with other geldings. The owner felt out of options but with the vet on the way made one last call to Sweet Farm. It proved to be the right phone call.

Sweet Farm took Sturgis in and began the long rehabilitation process. His teeth were floated and two were pulled. His diet was closely monitored and he gained weight. His skin condition was treated and his hair grew back. Today he is a stunning looking horse with a sleek coat and more energy than one would think a (now) 33-year-old horse would have. Sturgis quickly became friends with Gizmo, the steer, and easily accepted Paco, the llama when he joined the farm's herd. You will often see these three running through the pastures chasing each other, enjoying the open space and green grass!

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