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Sign-up for farm-fresh produce!

"Early Bird Pricing" Come to the farm and harvest your own food, plus receive original plant-based recipes & products.

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Sign up for the unique experience of harvesting your own fruits, flowers, herbs, and veggies on our coastal farm in Half Moon Bay.

Each week during the spring, summer & fall you'll be taking home a different combination of farm-fresh produce with a mix of seasonal greens, roots, herbs, fruits, and flowers. You'll receive a pick list and demonstration on how to harvest a variety of heirloom plants, plus receive original recipes to create simple, delicious vegan dishes with your seasonal produce. We also include plant-based products such as proteins, cheeses and sauces to make a delicious meal!

Take a sneak peek at some of the recipes from last year:

  • kohlrabi & leek soup
  • sautéed cabbage with vegan sausage over farfalle pasta
  • crispy polenta with arugula tapenade & radish
  • purple cauliflower & pomegranate with spiced basmati rice
  • baked onions with fennel bread crumbs

Get a deeper connection to the land, see where your food is grown and learn how to prepare it in delicious and healthy ways. Exact dates & pick times will be announced closer to the start of the season!